Classes and School Group Visits

Classes at Wildlife Safari Park

Family Classes

Come join us as we cross the Great Plains to learn about nature from above our heads to below our feet! Classes are open to families of any shape and size, but we recommend participants be at least four years of age. All classes start at 10am unless otherwise noted. Pre-registration is preferred. Pricing reflects member discounted rate. Child must have an adult accompany them. Call (402) 738-6908 or email to register.

One-Hour Family Classes: $5 per person; $15 for a family of four
Two-Hour Family Classes: $10 per person; $30 for a family of four

One-Hour Family Classes
What Track is That? - Thursday, May 19
Many different animals walk the paths of Wildlife Safari Park. From hooves to paws, we’ll look at what types of marks different creatures make, then go on a hike to search for tracks and try to identify what animals made them.

Hopping with Frogs - Saturday, June 11

Join us to learn about the frogs of Nebraska. We’ll talk about why amphibians are so important to our ecosystem, then grab our waders and nets to take a survey of the different species of frogs we have at Frog Lake.

My, What Big Antlers You Have! - Thursday, July 21

Ever wonder how heavy an elk antler is? Want to feel a wolf pelt? Come learn about the different animals found at Wildlife Safari Park. We’ll have artifacts from each type of animal on display for a hands-on experience.

Creepy Crawlies - Saturday, August 13
Slithering snakes, slimy frogs, scuttling spiders. Some people find these animals gross, but they play vital roles in the environment. In this class we will talk about the importance of these creatures, meet a friendly snake, and go on a bug hunt.

Howling with Wolves - Tuesday, September 15
Come learn about our pack as we discuss wolf family relationships, their importance to the environment, and wolf history in the United States.

Two-Hour Family Classes
Native Nebraska - Saturday, April 23
Join on a guided safari through Wildlife Safari Park to learn about the different animals we care for.

Family Night at Wildlife Safari Park - Friday, May 13
Bring your little ones out to a night at Wildlife Safari Park! Touch animal artifacts, learn about bears and wolves, then cozy up with own pack for a family friendly show. Bringing snacks and blankets is encouraged.

Taking Flight - Saturday, May 14
Every spring and fall, thousands of birds fly over our state. In our Taking Flight class, find out more about the birds found in your own backyard.

Predators - Thursday, June 16
Bears, wolves, and birds of prey, each animal has its own adaptations to make it a top predator. Come and learn what these differences are and how their prey is fighting back!

Keystone Species - Friday, July 8
Have you ever wondered why prairie dogs are so important or why wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park? In this class we’ll look at how one animal can affect all the other living organisms in its habitat and why it’s important to keep these keystone species around even when some consider them pests.

Great Migration - Thursday, August 18
Birds, insects, and mammals all take part in biannual migrations. We’ll learn about different North American animals that migrate, some of which even stop over in Nebraska.

Under the Stars - Friday, September 30
From the Little Dipper to Orion, stars have played a large part in cultural histories around the world. Come learn about the different constellations we can see in Nebraska, hear stories about the constellations from different cultures, and learn to use a star chart.

School Group Visits

School Group VisitSchool admission rates are given specifically to groups when student admission is being paid for by the school. Reservations are required in advance to receive school discount. One person must pay for the entire group to receive the school discount. Memberships are not applicable toward school group admission rates or programs.

2016 School Admission Fees
$3.00 per person
Prices are subject to change.

Additional educational opportunities are available with your visit. A four-week notice is required.

Call (402) 738-2092 for more information or to schedule a visit.