Field Trip Experiences

Field Trip Experiences

School admission rates are given specifically to groups when student admission is being paid for by the school. Reservations are required in advance. One person must pay for the entire group to receive the school discount. One adult per 10 students is required. Please submit your School Group Reservation form to

School Group Registration Form

School Group Admission Fees 

  • Students (pre-k through college): $4.00 per person 
  • Chaperones: Free 

Memberships are not permitted for school programs or admission. Prices are subject to change. For more information, please feel free to contact the Wildlife Safari Park Education Department at 402-738-2092 or at

Enhance Your Field Trip Experience

With the Wildlife Safari Park at your fingertips, you can enhance the learning opportunities available to your students. Contact the Education Department at (402) 738-2092 or for more information.

School Step-on Safari Tour

Standard Step-On-Tour: Enhance your school field trip with one of our knowledgable guides aboard your school bus. Our guide will share how Wildlife Safari Park's animals, natives of Nebraska, rely on the prairie and how the prairies rely on them, too. 
Length: One hour
Times: Offered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am or 1pm.
Cost: $125 per bus plus $3.50 per student (chaperones are free and cost include park entrance)
Contact the Education Department at for more information or to schedule a tour. 
Premium Step-On-Tour: An extended tour of Wildlife Safari Park which includes a guide and provides an opportunity for exploration of our Wolf Woods area to see our wolves, bears, eagles, and cranes. Guests will be invited to leave the bus and walk the boardwalk, climb the Crane Tower, and stretch your legs in this extended tour. 
Length: Two Hours
Times: Offered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 10am or 1pm.
Cost: $200 per bus plus $3.50 per student (chaperones are free and cost include park entrance)
Contact the Education Department at for more information or to schedule a tour.

Student Workshops

Expand your students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills through hands-on activities. 

Contact the Education Department at for more information or to schedule a session.

  • Available April 1 through October 31 (weather permitting)
  • Times available are 9 a.m. and Noon
  • Capacity: 20 students per session. For groups larger than 20, a second session is required.
  • Three weeks' notice required  
  • Fee: $150 per session (Does not include school group admission to Wildlife Safari Park)

Grades K-5

  • Animal Actions: Students will put their investigation skills to use as they hypothesize, observe, track, record, and discuss the purpose of different animal movements. 

Grades 6-12

  • Amphibian Field Sampling (For groups of 20 or less): Provide your students with an opportunity to engage in real-world science at Wildlife Safari Park. Learn about conservation issues facing amphibians and collect valuable data, which is used to monitor their health as a part of our statewide amphibian conservation initiative. Students will learn how to test water quality, collect samples from amphibians to be tested for disease, and properly record data. 
  • Zoo Careers: It takes many talented individuals and departments to run the Wildlife Safari Park.  In this program, we will explore some of the more obvious careers, like zookeeping, and some less obvious!  This workshop is a wonderful introduction to STEM careers at the Wildlife Safari Park. 
  • Exhibit Design: From understanding animal needs and behavior, to creating spaces necessary for keepers to do their work, and designing interactive areas for visitors, it takes enormous amounts of planning.  In this Field Study, students will explore the different components of exhibit design and put their engineering skills to work designing their own exhibit! 
  • Animal Behavior: How do we know what to feed animals or how to keep them stimulated in their environment? How do we know that animals use tools and that some can problem solve? Making good observations is key to answering these questions and many more. Students will take on the role of a field scientist and learn how to make observations and collect data. 
  • Behavioral Husbandry: Let your students exercise their brains in this challenging field of study. Animal care staff at the Wildlife Safari Park use positive reinforcement techniques to shape animal behaviors, which in turn improves daily care. This activity promotes social interaction and stimulates critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Professional Development

Wildlife Safari Park provides high quality professional development opportunities for both formal and informal educators. Our aim is to develop a community of educators dedicated to professional growth in STEM and wildlife conservation. We believe that science is learned through authentic experiences and real-world applications. All professional development opportunities are aligned to the new Nebraska College and Career Ready Standards for Science and Next Generation Science Standards. 

Join our Educator VIP list to find out about special education events and professional development workshops in advance. Email with the subject of Educator VIP