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Zoo, Wildlife Safari Park to Soon Accept Natural Christmas Tree Donations for Animal Enrichment

Need a home for your freshly cut Christmas tree after the holidays? The Zoo and Wildlife Safari Park will soon be accepting natural Christmas tree donations, which will provide enrichment opportunities for many of our animals.

The official drop-off locations and timeframe donations will be accepted will be announced soon, but so you can start preparing your tree accordingly…

For the safety of the animals, please use the following care and display guidelines:

  • Avoid any chemical preventative, decorative sprays or treatments such as fake snow, frost, ice, flame retardants, glitter or gloss, pet prevention products or non-natural additives that would extend the life of the tree.
  • Avoid fine tinsel, foil, garland or similar difficult-to-remove decorations that could become tangled in the branches or needles. If these materials are used, please ensure they are completely removed after use. Many animals will roll in or ingest various parts of the tree. These items can affect the overall health of our animals.
  • If any bulbs or ornaments break during the holidays, please carefully shake your tree after use to ensure its rid of broken pieces.
  • Carefully remove all hooks or strings used to attach ornaments, lights and other decorations.
  • General rule of thumb: Keep the trees as natural as possible, just as animals would find them in nature.
  • Only natural trees will be accepted.

If you have any questions, please contact Guest Services at (402) 733-8401 or