Classes at Wildlife Safari Park 
Join in the fun during classes at Wildlife Safari Park.  Classes and Day Camps are offered from April through October.

Family Classes
Family classes are for adults and children ages 4 and older. Child must have an adult accompany them. Cost is $15 per person (member pricing).

Into the Night Sky - April 25th
From the Little Dipper to Orion, stars have played a large part in cultural histories around the world. Come learn about the different constellations we can see in Nebraska, hear stories about the constellations from different cultures, and learn to use a star chart.

Taking Flight - May 9th
Every spring and fall, thousands of birds fly over our state. In our Taking Flight class, we’ll find out about how birds fly and how flight has affected bird behavior.

Storms Across the Plains - June 6th
Whether you hear gentle rolling thunder or sirens calling to take cover, storms have a profound influence on Nebraskan’s everyday lives. Come learn why the Heartland is home to one of the most powerful, beautiful, and sometimes destructive patterns of Mother Nature.

Keystone Species - July 11th
Have you ever wondered why prairie dogs are so important or why wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park? In this class we’ll look at how one animal can affect all the other living organisms in its habitat and why it’s important to keep these keystone species around even when some consider them pests.

Roots of Nebraska - Aug. 1st
Nebraska is known for its vast grasslands, but do you know why we have the plant life and geography that we do? Not only will be learning about plants of the prairie in this class, but we’ll also go below the surface to dig through Nebraska’s past!

Great Migration - Sept. 5th
Birds, insects, and mammals all take part in biannual migrations. We’ll learn about different North American animals that migrate, some of which even stop over in Nebraska.

Scout Programs
Wildlife Safari Park offers opportunities for scouts to work on numerous merit badges. Not a scout? Not a problem! Scout programs are offered to anyone interested in learning about a variety of topics including; Bird studies, Geology, Forestry, and many more.

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